Kisah perjuangan seorang sahabat yang kian dilupakan.....

Suhaib Ar-rumi.............

Suhaib adalah seorang pedagang yang pintar dan cerdas, beliau menjual dengan harta dan jiwanya guna mendapatkan redha Allah SWT, maka diapun mendapatkannya dan berhak mendapatkan penghargaan orang Romawi yang mendapatkan kemenangan dalam Islam, dan berhak seperti yang diriwayatkan dari Rasulullah saw :”Suhaib penakluk negeri Romawi”. (HR. Ibnu Sa’ad).


DATE  : 19 April 2014
DAY    : Saturday
5.00 a.m          - Woke up,bathed
5.30 a.m          - Subuh Prayer
6.00 a.m          - Cook for Breakfast
6.30 a.m          - Breakfast , washed cloths
7.00 a.m          - Watered plants
8.00 a.m          - Went to market bought vegetables and groceries
9.00 a.m          - Watched television
10.30 a.m        - Cooking
12.00 a.m        - Had lunch with family members
1.00 p.m          - Went to AEON Kulaijaya with husband to shop for some books and new shirts
1.30 p.m          - Zuhur prayer at Surau AEON Kulaijaya
3.00 p.m          - Took a nap
4.30 p.m          - Solat Asar
5.00 p.m          - Went to Hutan Bandar Recreational Park with husband and son
7.00 p.m          - Took bath
7.15 p.m          - Maghrib prayer
7.30 p.m          - Watched television
8.00 p.m          - Had dinner
8.30 p.m          - Isyak prayer
9.00 p.m          - Revised lessons and did assignment
11.00 p.m        - Had supper
12.00 p.m        - Went  to bed


Hurray! It was Saturday 19 April 2014 and it was weekend. I was glad to be at home, to see my beloved husband and my only son, Hafiz. I woke up at 5.00 a.m today and after took my bath, I did my Subuh prayer and then prepared for breakfast. I found some noodles inside my fridge and started to prepare fried noodles as it is my son’s favourite dish.
At 6.30 a.m I took my breakfast with my husband and son. Thank God! They love the fried noodles! I was so happy. After took our breakfast, I started to work on the clothes. I washed it and hung it outside.  It  was sunny and windy day. My clothes dried quickly.
At 7.00 a.m I watered my lovely plants and flowers. They were all bloomed nicely. At 8.00 a.m I went to the market and bought some vegetables and groceries. At 9.00 a.m I watched my favourite television drama with my son and we were really enjoyed the drama.
At 10.30 a.m I started cooking for lunch. I cooked lovely chicken curry and fried cabbage for my family. We had our lunch at 12.00 p.m and I was so glad because they really enjoyed my cooking on that day.
At 1.00 p.m I went to my favourite shopping mall, AEON Kulaijaya. I bought few cooking books and two new fancy blouses. I was so happy that day because my husband paid everything for me. After that I did my Zuhur prayer at the mosque there.
At 3.00 p.m I took my nap. I was so tired. After woke up at 4.30, I did my Asar prayer. I went to Hutan Bandar Recreational Park at 5.00 p.m with my husband and son. We flew kites and my son was so excited when his kite flew higher than mine.
At 7.00 p.m I took bath and then did my Maghrib prayer at 7.15 p.m. At 7.30 p.m I watched television. I waited for the latest news about the missing plane MH370 but I was disappointed! I did Isyak prayer at 8.30 p.m and after that I revised lessons and did my assignment.
My eyes was so tired when reached 11.00 p.m. I had my supper and then, I went to bed. Oh! It was a tiring day but I love it! My day was full with activities and I really enjoyed it!

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