Kisah perjuangan seorang sahabat yang kian dilupakan.....

Suhaib Ar-rumi.............

Suhaib adalah seorang pedagang yang pintar dan cerdas, beliau menjual dengan harta dan jiwanya guna mendapatkan redha Allah SWT, maka diapun mendapatkannya dan berhak mendapatkan penghargaan orang Romawi yang mendapatkan kemenangan dalam Islam, dan berhak seperti yang diriwayatkan dari Rasulullah saw :”Suhaib penakluk negeri Romawi”. (HR. Ibnu Sa’ad).

The Buddhist Quest.....

Salam Brothers and Sisters,

These are some issues that we need to look at when doing dakwah to chinese especially in Malaysia...

As a Muslim, we cannot only think about our own religion, but we must be sensitive about other people around us too.

For your info, most Chinese in the older time are very supertitious they will obey and believe whatever their ancestors taught or told them ,so much so I think it will b difficult to convince them of Islam. On the other hand the modern Chinese are very advance and liberal they can accept logic and argurment accordingly to whatever seems reasonable.It is more easier to dahwah to the younger generation.
Weaknesses which I found in the modern Chinese (Malaysia) are:

1. No direct or indirect teaching of religion or belief of Buddhist/Confuscion /Taoisme etc to their children.Therefore there is a vaccum or lack of spiritual belief in their soul. Their are sort of like robots just follow suit whatever they parents pray they pray, parents go to temple they go, without knowing why and for what. Must ask them " What would happen to your soul if you happen to pass away this day, in the afterlife wiil you go to hell or heaven? (Most of them never think about this,happy go lucky only). Maybe Prof can give some tips of how to give points to convince them of afterlife in heaven/hell and fulfiling spiritual needs and gratification at the present life.

2. Family name from their ancestors are extremely important to them .Tell them they can remain their surname like Wong,Tan,Yap, Lim etc or do not have to change their name at all.Chinese Male is look upon to carry down their surname from one generation to another generation. Female when married off they are to follow the husband family.Their offsprings will follow the husband's surname. That is why Chinese female is easier to convert to other religions be it Islam, Christian ,Hindu and etc. Maybe Prof can give a good view or example of how the Chinese in China address this issue.

Well, have to stop, Mahghrib time must go to solat now.

Best Regard
Letter from my friend...

25 Jun 2010
***hakikatnya ramai dalam kalangan muslim hari ni yan lebih suka berbalah sesama mereka dan membincangkan perkara-perkara yang kecil (furu') walhal hakikatnya tugas kita lebih besar kerana betapa ramai golongan kufar yang perlu diselamatkan..SEDARLAH WAHAI MUSLIMIN!!....jalankan usaha DAKWAH (muslin-bukan muslim dan ISLAH (muslim-muslim)....NAHNU ANSARULLAH!!!!

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